About us

LUCKY EAGLE INDUSTRIES is a prominent name among the leading manufacturers and exporters of Motorbike Clothing, Leather clothing, Textile Clothing, Gloves, Boots, Saddle Bags, Motorbike Leather Kidney belts and Motorbike Safety protection accessories for both amateur and professional motor-cycle riders. LUCKY EAGLE INDUSTRIES is an exquisite combination of the spirit of creativeness and the energy of youth. Its existence and continuation is the outcome of the passion and vision of a team of youngsters who have inherited the proverbial artisanship of Sialkot  . Blending the inherited skill with the state-of-the-art technology ,they have grown into an organization manufacturing and exporting Motorbike Racing suits ,Garments and Accessories the world over .within a short span of a few years, it has earned the trust of business partners and customers worldwide. now with our buyers and business partners and spread across the globe,


Our vision is to be the Partner of choice for our customers. Striving to surpass our competitors in quality, value, research and development, innovation and elevating our image to become best in quality.

Research And Development

Research and Development Department, with a vision to create garments ensuring full functionality and performance keeps us ahead of competition. Our R&D team researches for latest market trends, leather and fabric development, laboratory testing and acquires latest techniques and resources for treatment, cutting, stitching, and performance test phases to define correct recipe for garment development.Our R&D team has broad range of skills and solid understanding of our clients’ needs, products and solutions to develop leather and fabric perform beyond the expectations of our clients, various performance tests are carried out at each stage of development.Our team of industrial engineers with coordination of R&D constantly acquires latest resources, equipment and procedures for every stage of garment development. By extensive research and development capabilities we have become trend setters in the industry.Cutting and Sewing operators are recruited through standard tests and evaluation and are constantly trained for their particular jobs. Key performance indicators are constantly monitored during all processes of garment development ensuring timely delivery of our quality products to our clients. 

 Quality Control

Quality controlprocedures are carried out at every stage of confection, from cutting to packaging. We maintain Quality Control System for inspection and testing of material at receipt and all stages of production. A strict critical path is in place and updated frequently ensuring only Quality Approved “A” Grade products are shipped out to our clients.


We are talking about a field that changes day by day , a field where the research of new materials and technical solutions is always more competitive, and LUCKY-EAGLE is in the front line to reach as soon as possible these targets and give a strong and sure answer to the market. The motorcyclist is our goal, the main character of our Company philosophy, it’s  for that reason that day by day we work hard to offer to our customers a product with excellent performances regarding safety and functionality combined with comfort and design.